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Thoughts and planning: Breaking down our social media campaign



Research Proposal FYP - EVENT VIDEOGRAGR
Download • 16.45MB
Reflective Process Report - FMP Flux Bro
Download • 34.50MB

Brand Guidelines:

Flux Bros. brand guidelines
Download PDF • 9.17MB

A Flux Bros. social media campaign, what's that all about?

Before we get into how we created a social media campaign across two months, we need to tell you why we created an extensive social media campaign.

Firstly, let us take you back to the start of 2020. We were all wide eyed, buzzing to see in the new year! We had just secured three wedding shoots for the latter end of 2020 and the worst thing to happen in 2019 was the quality street tubs reducing in size and Thomas Cook going under.

2020 was shaping up to be a great year.

What happened?

Needless to say, 2020 has not gone to plan. Our goal for this summer (and Matt's University project) was to create a superb wedding film in July with an exciting social media campaign attached. The goal was to attract more clients to our brand and, in turn, generate more regular work for ourselves from a range of clients. However, this wedding was pushed back to 2021, along with the majority of our shoots this year. It was time to think of another plan. Using the marketing and planning research collected from planning for the July wedding, the Summer Flux Bros. project has changed to: “In the wake of a pandemic… post-pandemic marketing: Strategies for connecting with Flux Bros. customers”. Using market research strategies and competitor analysis for each campaign, our hope is that we maintain regular, high quality content throughout the coming months and attract more clients whilst making a bold, fun and informative campaign that details how we have adapted our practices due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This campaign consists of four sub categories: The Wedding Bros. (ongoing from July), ‘Logo Design’ (running from 17th – 28th August), Bros.’ other specialties: ‘Logo Design’ (running from 17th – 28th August), ‘Creative Advertising’ such as music videos optimised for social media and corporate videography (31st August – 11th September) and ‘Photography and Headshots’ (14th – 25th September). The projects are available to view on the homepage.

As previously stated, this project is to hopefully attract and inform new and existing clients of our pricing and practices, as well as working as part of Matt's University Major Project. From now on, I (Matt) will be informing you about the work that has been put in to achieve the Flux Bros. goal.

Firstly, it was incredibly important to create a new plan for my project. As my original major project had been cancelled, I wasn't able to use some elements of my project proposal such as visiting wedding venues. I also had to generate more ideas for my project. Something I found very helpful in the planning stages of my project was to create four marketing strategy plans for the sub-campaigns that I was running. To enable me to create a plan around my goals.

Flux Bros. Brand Guidelines

Flux Bros. brand guidelines
Download PDF • 9.17MB

Marketing Strategies

Wedding Marketing Strategy
Download DOCX • 654KB

Logo Marketing Strategy
Download DOCX • 384KB

Creative Advertising Marketing Strat
Download DOC • 625KB

Photography and headshot marketing strat
Download • 470KB

The marketing strategies really helped me to define my aspirations for Flux Bros. and the 2020 campaign. The most important aspect of the marketing strategy was the inclusion of buyer personas, and how we can tailor our packages to suit any type of client. In this social media age, every business and individual who is selling themselves or a product, needs an online presence. Through this marketing strategy, I created an interactive online brochure for our website and Instagram page that customers can flick through to see our pricing. (Available to view at @flux_bros and @thewedding_bros on Instagram on our highlights)

We targeted Instagram in particular as it is our most successful online presence, gaining 1,366 impressions (interactions, profile visits etc) as oppose to the 79 visitors to our website and 102 post engagements on Facebook.

Mozlow's Hierarchy of SEO Needs

In my past modules, I have found it incredibly useful to use a hierarchy of needs in order to define what is important in my final product. For this module I created my own based off the SEO hierarchy of needs...

Easily accessible:

To aid with UX, Flux Bros. has to be linked to every social media outlet. For instance, if you were to visit our website, there would be a link to our Instagram, from our Instagram account you can access The Wedding Bros. and our Facebook page, and so on. I believe this is vital to maintaining a consistent social media campaign.

Recognisable brand:

We want our audience to remember what the 'Flux Bros.'/ 'The Wedding Bros.' brand is. Therefore we will maintain the same font and colour scheme across all posts. As well as consistent and fresh content, this helps us to stay in the publics consciousness.

Keyword Optimised:

As previously stated, I am using a key word planner to help Flux Bros. stay competitive on search engines.

Exciting and sharable content:

Our posts get the most interaction when they include a sharable element. For instance, the two posts below on Instagram and Facebook included a viral aspect (throwing coffee at the camera is a technique not regularly seen) and a topical theme (majority of weddings have been cancelled this year, so people shared this post to inform their friends and family about a videography/ photography company).

Great user experience:

Overall, we need to stick to the basics and the work will come in. Easy, straight forward interaction between us and our clients, regular uploads and work going out on our socials, high quality content, easy-to-use website and socials, all of the information at the end of our customers fingertips.

Ghantt Chart and Diary Entries

I struggle with maintaining focus at the best of times but this year has been incredibly difficult when it comes to staying on track. Therefore I have created a ghantt chart to manage my social media uploads and I have backed this up with diary entries and posts onto trello, an website that keeps track of your progress and time keeping.

As you can see, and what will be broken down in more detail on my reflective report (accessed at the top of the page), my planning was not effective on trello. In my opinion, I found it wasted time when I could just jot down a plan or idea on pen and paper right next to me. There was many instances where I would come up with an idea and then forget it by the time the website was open. This is not ideal for the planning process and I found that midway through my second campaign, it was really starting to hold me back and I stopped using it.

I referred back to my ghantt chart often and this kept me on track alongside my marketing strategy.

In my future career, I will aim to set up a google doc with my business partner where we can put all of our planning and material in one place. Due to no fault of my business partner, I felt as if I took on a massive burden advertising the company for the past two months and am feeling fatigued by it due to the stress of work and the current climate.

I believe that having a shared planning space will help the both of us as I personally work better with other people.

Competitor analysis

Starting my own business sub-branch with no prior experience in wedding videography, I needed to find competitors and realise what they are doing well. I also took the opportunity to reflect on myself and the companies, to see potential floors in what they are doing.

As shown below, a consistent point was local competitors branding, particularly in wedding videography and photography. None of them had memorable logos or consistent branding and all fell into the same trap of needing to be very corporate.

This is understandable as they all want to come across as professional as it is a highly competitive industry with couples looking for videographers and photographers that will be able to produce high-quality, no-nonsense work. Couples will continue to look at this material for the rest of their lives, so the wedding production companies have to look as formal online as they do in person.

However, this did make me think. How can The Wedding Bros. use this to our advantage? We could truly stand out by using vivid, fresh, consistent and fun branding. Weddings are supposed to be fun, so why shouldn't our branding reflect this? This also maintains the same laid back style of Flux Bros. As we tend to work with more individuals than corporate companies, it was important for us to maintain a branding style that make us more approachable for the average person.

The competitor analysis are down below, with more detail included throughout my reflective process report.

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