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The Wedding Bros.

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Social Media (campaign running from 31/08/20 - 25/09/20):

Research Proposal FYP - EVENT VIDEOGRAGR
Download • 16.45MB
Reflective Process Report - FMP Flux Bro
Download • 34.50MB

Brand Guidelines:

The Wedding Bros. brand guidelines
Download PDF • 2.20MB

Wedding photography and videography is very different to the products we produce on Flux Bros. For this, we needed a sub-brand.

Pinterest and Brand Design

In order to get inspiration and ideas for the logo and colour scheme, I started by creating boards on Pinterest. We wanted our brand to immediately stand out on social media, and set apart from the average 'corporate' wedding production brand. We are young, trendy and excited to get started, we wanted 'The Wedding Bros.' to reflect this bold and youthful energy.

When searching for wedding imagery, I was immediately attracted by the collage design and felt like it represented the brand well as we are creating memories for our clients (much like in an old memory scrapbook), we are sticking together a lot of different techniques in our work through photography and videography, also we are ripping out the rule book by creating a video/ photo wedding company under one roof, which isn't usually done. To emulate this effect in our branding, I followed this tutorial below and have kept it consistent.

I wanted the colour to be bold and stop people scrolling through social media in their tracks. From experience, I usually stop on Instagram when I see bright colours with intriguing and intelligent design. Such as @madebymotel, @suburban_avenger and @harrybugg_art.

Taking note from my personal inspirations, The Wedding Bros. started with this graphic design using different textures and a bright, bold purple. The design launched the branding for the whole company. In hindsight, I wish I put more effort into the rest of the posts to make them like the first design but I simply have not had enough time as I am creating content for five days a week across the two Flux accounts and my part time job in marketing for the catering outlets at The University of Winchester.

Overall, I am happy with the branding and believe it draws the eye. It is bold, unique and really stands us apart from our local competitors. I believe our audience is also engaging with it and enjoys the contact we put out twice a week. However, as you can read in my detail in my critical reflection, we have had feedback from one viewer who says it is distracting and we should just upload pictures and videos of our work without branding. We tried to find some middle ground for this with our most recent post (as of 31st August) pictured below where we still maintain the branding with a more simplified approach. Enlarging the size of the photo and scaling down the bold purple.

Logo design

Before my MA, I had never created a logo on my own before. Over this Summer, I have been lucky enough to create logo designs for different individuals and companies with great results and feedback! This has given me the confidence to be more creative with my designs. For The Wedding Bros., I really wanted to create an animated logos and develop my skills! This would give us another bit of content, as well as showing the Flux Bros. audience that we can do animated logo designs (hopefully attracting more clients)!

Firstly, I drew up different logos and names that we could use for our bran/ logo. We threw about ideas like "One Perfect Day" but we eventually decided on 'The Wedding Bros.' to remain on brand with 'Flux Bros.', and improve our SEO including 'Wedding' when our potential audience searches 'Hampshire Wedding videographer'.

After finding the wedding brand, I started by creating a basic ring logo design with a jewel on top. This functions as the 'O' in 'The Wedding Bros.'. Then I followed the tutorial below to make it 3D and spin around 360 degrees.

I love how this design turned out! I did not think it was possible for me to create a logo like this but I am so proud of myself. I am now confident enough to animate on After Effects and I couldn't be more pleased!

After completion of the logo and brand, I created a design breakdown to advertise our logo creation services (Flux Bros.).

Keyword Research

Upon creation of The Wedding Bros., we knew that we were entering a very competitive market and had to use 'Google Key Word Planner' to get a foothold on the Google search engine as soon as possible. I broke down what key words we should be using across wedding production, videography and photography.

From my key word research, I learnt to avoid using high/ medium competitive key words such as "Wedding Videographer Near Me" and "Wedding Videographer" and instead use phrases such as "Wedding Cinematographer", "Creative Wedding Photos" and "Candid Photographer" (as pictured below).

As of 31st August and the recent conceptualisation of 'The Wedding Bros.', it is hard to tell if this research has made an impact on our outreach. Despite not knowing the impact just yet, I am putting my faith in the software and will keep including low competition key words throughout our social media and website to hopefully attract our Hampshire-based audience.

Services on Instagram highlights

As previously stated, our Instagram page is the social media account that most of our audience interact with, therefore it was important to be as transparent as possible with our audience and give them all of our pricing details as clear as possible. I decided to create an interactive online brochure in our Instagram story that our audience can look through whenever they choose so. It is available to view

I started the planning process after creating The Wedding Bros. brand guidelines to ensure it follows the design of our social media. Following the purple scrapbook style, I am very happy with the outcome, reaching thousands of different profiles. It also helped for my other campaigns, which I used the same layout.


As we have just started the company, we are looking for feedback to improve The Wedding Bros. Therefore, we posted a survey onto our socials and encouraged our audience to give us feedback on a number of topics.

Overall, I am happy with the responses because it is all workable. For instance (as pictured below), I have edited our most recent posts (as of 5/10/20) for them "less crowded" by minimising the purple branding and text. I do agree with this criticism and will look to show more content on our social media pages. However, our branding is already strong and we do not want to lose it, so I will find the middle ground between branding and content.

Wedding Plan

We were lucky enough to have a wedding booked in for the 3rd September at the Winchester Registry Office, with the couple asking for photos. We know the location of where this shoot is taking place, so I have mocked up floor plans below that detail the shoot locations and where we will be. The floor plans have ideal shots in mind as well as social distancing limitations.





Visit the rest of my blog posts for more insight on my major project, or head to the top of the page to read my critical reflection and brand guidelines!

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