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Videography. Photography. Marketing.

At Flux Bros, we take the hassle out of marketing. We believe the first step of creating a great product is to step back and think, how can we get this out to as many people as possible? We’ve got your back.

Firstly, we’ll film, edit and design your product. This won’t just be any product, we’ll tailor make it to suit your aesthetic needs. Want your logo, branding, or short promo to reflect the style and feel of the 1950’s? Flux it. Are you promoting your new product range and need a contemporary design and feel, shot on the latest 360-degree technology? Flux it. Or, do you want your music video to capture a VHS feel as if it was shot in the 80’s? Flux it.

Whatever style, however grand the idea, we work close with our clients to achieve their goals. We’ll create trailers and thumbnails that share a consistent style. We’ll make sure to optimise the marketing material for phones, laptops and tablets for you to share and promote your product with ease. See, at Flux we don’t just design and create your material, we also give you the tools to market with. Marketing made easy. We’re Fluxable.

Throughout its conception, Flux Bros. specialises in working with performers and companies to create trailers and develop branding. Although, as the media landscape constantly changes. We do too. We’re starting to work within the realms of 360-degree videography and live streaming allowing out clients to evolve alongside the ever-changing media landscape.



Winchester, UK